Hi there.

first off, welcome & thank YOU. thank you for taking the time to view my work and read this. i'm logan and honestly.. words have never been my strong suit nor do i have any idea the "correct" way to go about these "about me" blurbs so here goes nothing ..


i'm from a small town in new hampshire & its been home to me for the last 25 years. i graduated college with a bachelor of fine arts & nothing has really been the same since. i'm not sure where it all started.. the urge to create, to make art. creating art has been a part of my family for generations. i remember the first time my great grandmother let me use her watercolors ...  i was probably about 5 or so & soon wanted to paint everything all the time. 


in college, i pursued my art career and found myself getting lost in paint. I became fascinated by the human figure and soon my work reflected that. intrigued by human connection & human interactions, my camera allowed me to experience those and remain a creator. It allowed me to turn the lives of others into art. I feel honored to be given the trust to capture your most intimate moments in your lives, whether its your secret elopement or your struggles with self image. I want you to feel like a work of art. I want to know the mess of a life you may have, I wanna see all the imperfections

Because to me, imperfections are perfection and I LOVE A GOOD MESS.


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